Saturday, April 13, 2013

Check out the first full length album release from my Brother and I, "CEDAR & SAGE"

Cedar and Sage are overjoyed to release to you Rendezvous,  an album of songs that we feel represent a unique brand of "Jake and Dan" music. Those who know us best may have a sense for what this album may contain... perhaps a modern day take on the likes of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young or America? Certainly a love song or two... and what about some surprise tracks from the reaches of Dan's ever-agile musical mind? We think it's all here. And it's here for you... so take it!

The truest compliment to us would be that you enjoy the music enough to make a donation to the Daniel and Angela Callister Family Adoption Fund (through PayPal in the top right corner of this blog). ANY Donation is helpful. If you'd like to make a donation by some other means please contact us at

These files will be available for FREE to download until April 26th
then the tracks will only be available through an online purchasing site. 


Von and Maureen said...

Jake and Dan, We love it!!! What a pleasure just sit back and enjoy such good music. So fun to know and picture you doing it. Very nicely done! It is just amazing that you can do all that 3,000 miles apart. You are both truly gifted. It did not come from me. But can maybe take a teeny tiny bit of the credit :)??? Awesome!!! Mom

Rebekah said...

Eli asks to hear these songs over and over. He has bragged all about his uncles and their album to his friends.
We have some instant favorites such as:
The Great Divide
Errol Dihn
The Eagle
Hardluck Street
But the more we hear, the more we like them all!!